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Condensing Units

Our highly efficient Condensing Unit also known as HVAC units are the best in the market. These Condensing Units are also renowned in the marketplace for their unbeatable reliability, durability, quality as well as physical strength. All of our offered units are the finest example of perfection in the market, they perform without glitch for years. During their service, they require minimal repair and maintenance .Generally we offer Emerson condensing units ..Emerson offers the wide range , most reliable condensing units. Leveraging the latest in compressor tech each platform provides the option to select the refrigerant capacity, and application temp combinations that meet the requirement of clients .these condensing units serve in process cooling, industrial cold chain, bulk milk cooling, clean room, air conditioning so on .

Air Cooled Condensing Unit
Our wide range of air cooled condensing units models is meant to satisfy all medium and low temperature applications with HFC and HCFC-based refrigerants .it consists semi-hermetic, reciprocating, scroll, liquid injected and vapor injected offering best in class performance, reliability and versatility. The units are designed to withstand the extremes of Indian weather, material handling and road worthing.

Reciprocating Air Cooled Condensing Unit
(Sealed Type) Our Air Cooled Reciprocating Condensing Units are the best. They are engineered utilizing advanced technologies and quality parts & components. The electrical parts of these condensing units are confirmed to have zero defects.The condensing units that we offer are also appreciated for their incredible abrasion resistance. These condensing units are guaranteed to have zero physical or mechanical defects, which make them a trusted choice in HVAC sector.these are avail in indoor as well as outdoor units

Features (indoor)
  • Avail From 1 To 6 Hp With R22,R134 A
  • Tropicalized Design
  • Compact And Sleek
  • Customized For Market
  • Complete Protection Against Rain And Dust
  • Silent In Operation

Features (outdoor)
  • Avail In 1.5,3 Hp With R404a
  • Design For Low Temp Applications
  • Designed To Operate At Maxm Ambient Of 46 C

Scroll Air Cooled Condensing Unit
Our superior grade Air Cooled Scroll Condensing Units are trusted worldwide by clients. Their exceptional abrasion resistance as well as tolerance to harsh impacts also earn them huge application in the market. Along with this, the operational efficiency, reliability and durability of our Air Cooled Scroll Condensing Units also make them the first choice of clients in the global market. These condensing units are also trusted for their compliance with the standards of HVAC domain.

Features (indoor/ outdoor)
  • Range: 2 To 15 Hp
  • Suitable for r 22 ,r404a ,r134a , r 407c,

Applicable In Cold Room ,Process Chilling Applications .
  • Tropicalised Large Condenser Face Area And Higher Cfm
  • Robust And Silent Fan Designed For High Ambient Conditions

Semi Hermetic Air Cooled Condensing Unit
Emerson Climate Technologies also manufacture 1 to 40 HP semi-hermetic condensing units for commercial and industrial applications. The air cooled condensing units are available with Copeland™ standard semi hermetic compressors (K, L, 2S and 3S) for 1-20HP With reed technology, and Copeland™ Stream four and six cylinders compressors (4M,6M) for 13-40HP with discus technology. They are equipped with dedicated medium or low temperature compressors which makes them suitable for all general refrigeration applications such as supermarkets and hypermarkets, hotels, restaurants, food service and cold rooms/ storages.

Digital Air Cooled Condensing Unit
Emerson Climate Technologies is pleased to offer the ZX platform refrigeration condensing units (CDU) specifically designed for medium temperature (MT) and low temperature (LT) refrigeration. Emerson's CDU range comes with unique features and applies its advanced and patented scroll technologies that redefine the standards of efficiency and reliability for this category of products. The ZX platform CDUs come with Emerson Climate Technologies' highly successful "E2 Controller". E2 controller provides real-time monitoring of compressor operating conditions and initiates actions to keep the compressor within the safe zone. When fault conditions are detected, the controller initiates temporary shutdowns and sends specific warning signals to facilitate service. In the event of continued errors, the controller will shutdown the unit thereby preventing costly equipment failure and send alarm signals.
Digital Scroll Condensding Unit
  • Copeland ZXDE Digital compact outdoor refrigeration unit for medium temperature applications. The new generation's advanced electronic controller enables precise parameter control and displays the system status. Lowest lifecycle costs and comprehensive safety features make Copeland ZX a cost efficient and reliable choice for: Convenience stores, Cold rooms, Fast Food stores, bars and restaurants, Beverage coolers

Vapour Injected Air Cooled Condensing Unit
ZX LT CDU applies vapor injection technology to achieve higher efficiency in LT refrigeration. Vapor injection allows an economizer cycle to be applied on a scroll compressor thereby greatly enhancing compressor efficiency. This technology can be likened to 2- stage compression with economizer cycle. Vapor injection improves efficiency by as much as 12% over a liquid injection system of the same type. ZX LT CDU applies ZXI series vapor injected compressor with vapor injection plate heat exchanger (PHE) to implement the vapor injection technology.

Liquid Injected Air Cooled Condensing Unit
ZX MT CDU applies ZX series scroll compressor with liquid injection into the suction-line using an electronic expansion valve (EXV). The EXV maintains an optimum feed of partially vaporized liquid refrigerant in the compressor suction to maintain a safe discharge gas temperature. The controlled discharge gas temperature provides a more reliable solution for the MT envelope.