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Dry Cooler
The efficient operation of hybrid dry coolers depends very much on the intelligence and strategy of their func- tional control. The built-in control continually controls all the significant parameters and automatically adapts the operating mode to the current system state. This guar- antees a smooth and efficient unit operation and compli- ance with the predicted consumption values.

Hybrid Cooler
he hybrid dry cooler is a combination of air- cooled dry coolers and closed evaporative cooling towers, thus combining the advantages of con- ventional dry and wet cooling in a single product. Design software optimises the dry cooler for each individual application – taking into account the annual temperature variation at the site and the plant’s expected load profile.

Energy Sector Cooler
Expert know-how is required when doing calculations for and selecting heat exchangers for unique applications involving refrigeration and air conditioning technology or the cooling of processes and energy systems. Here at Güntner we have decades of experience in working in these fields and can not only provide the technical skills and personalised consultancy services required but also pride ourselves on our global production and high- quality products.

We have the know-how, materials and production facilities to be able to overcome any challenges involved in your projects together with you. We will provide you with a thermodynamically calculated unit tailored specifically to fulfil the requirements of your application