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We are the dealer of lu-ve manufactured evaporator.lu-ve - lu- ve has a vast range of standard industrial unit coolers which can satisfy mosty industrial refrigeration installations requirements.one of lu-ve strength is its ability to help both the refrigeration enggineering and the designer to choose the best product.all the ranges of evaporators have special characteristics of

Size And Function.
  • Extremely high efficiency of heat transfer.
  • Reduced frost formation.
  • Long air throw.
  • Extremely low internal volume of the circuit.
  • Low noise level.
  • Low energy consumption.

Different types of evaporators are used in different types of refrigeration applications these are
  • Bare Tube Evaporators
  • Plate Type Evaporators
  • Finned Evaporators
  • Shell and Tube types Evaporators

We are also the dealer of friterm manufactured evaporators. Friterm has preferred to specialize on finned type heat exchangers and focused on the production of air cooled condensers, evaporators, air coolers, dry coolers, water/glycol air heaters and coolers, steam heaters, oil coolers and heat recovery coils for the air conditioning and refrigeration industry.