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Humidity control

Cooling goods for low-temperature storage can often lead to problems because humidity present in the air makes ice and condensation form - resulting in loads of practical difficulties and INCREASING costs, HENCE Temperature and humidity control are two main advantages of modulating HVAC&R systems, Humidity manifests itself in different ways in the home. In terms of comfort, humidity increases how warm an environment feels, and also can lead to the sensation of clamminess. Since modulating HVAC systems run more consistently, more air is cycled through the system, which removes moisture, and a lower indoor humidity is achieved. And who can forget the saying, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity." Lower humidity allows the homeowner to raise the thermostat temperature - consequently saving energy - without a difference in how the air temperature feels. We are the dealers of tripti series humidity control
Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifier
Industrial ultrasonic humidifier designed to increase the relative humidity in an enclosed room area. it can attain RH levels as high as 99%. The system has a built-in humidity indicator & intelligent controller.Accurate & fast humidity control is exercised by intelligent controller. The diameter of water of water mist is only 1-6µ. Its low power consumption saves energy costs.

It consumes less than 90% power in comparison to steam based humidifiers. It is specially designed for various industrial applications where precise high RH levels need to be maintained continuously. It starts producing water mist immediately after few seconds it is started. Stainless steel body is attractive & long lasting. Water filling is automatic. It is technology driven product for the future.

Special Features
  • 360° C rotable jet for an optimal distribution of the steam
  • Removable water tank for easy filling and carrying
  • Automatically shut off when water tank is empty
  • Low power consumption only 38W
  • Water capacity 3.5L
  • Water working time 9-11 Hours
  • Whisper qulet < 32dB
  • Humidifying capacity: Up to 500 sq.ft/46m²
  • Evaporating Rate 380mL/H
  • AC 220~240V 50Hz

We are well-renowned as one of the trusted Domestic Dehumidifier supplier in India. The Dehumidifiers offered by us are ideal for the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic applications. The array of Industrial Dehumidifier includes Stainless Steel Special 304 grade body units GMP Model (Specially Designed for Pharmaceutical Industries), Pre-laminated Board Units (specially used for commercial & Residential areas) and G.I. Powder Coated Units (specially used for Wood seasoning or other Industries).