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Data Monitoring And Data Logging

WE offer DIXELL MANUFACTURED DATA MONITORING AND DATA LOGGING parametric and programmable controls.
Dixell technology is leading the way in electronic regulation and control in the fields of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating, and retail. Dedication to technological innovation and constant focus on efficiency have driven the development of solutions designed to maximize energy savings. Dixell parametric controllers, fan speed controllers and inverters, compressor controls, EEV drivers, sensors and monitoring systems are trusted around the world. These industrial and commercial products play an important role in ensuring human comfort and protecting food throughout the cold chain and provide energy efficient solutions for electronic regulation and control of refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating.

Full Gauge
WE also offer FULL GAUGE MANUFACTURED DATA MONIRTORING AND DATA LOGGING COMPONENTS.full gauge manufactured components fully satisfy the customers as per their expectations.full gauge controls markets and consumer growing demand cause the company to constantly search new ways to prove the quality and excellence of its products. So the company invest in constant betterment of its electronic instruments and in conquering certifications that prove and warrant the quality, safety and competence of entire line of full gauge controllers and indicators.

High Quality Controllers manufactured by full gauge Loaded With Advanced Features:
  • Built-in Data Logger
  • Real Time Clock: Weekly Defrost Schedule
  • Compressor Run-Hour Meter
  • Back Drip Protection, IP65 Frontal
  • Easy Programming Key
  • Light Intensity Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor Response Control