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We offer Copeland compressors ,which lives at the heart of the HVAC and refrigeration systems that homeowners, businesses and industries have depended on for almost a 100 years now. This compressors only compress the vapour refrigerant. It serves all refrigerants including CFC, HCFC, HYDROCARBON.

Scroll Compressor
We offer Scroll Compressor that make use of one stationary and one orbiting scroll for compressing the refrigerant gas vapors from the evaporator to the condenser of the refrigerant path.

The upper scroll remain stationary and contain refrigerant gas discharge port. But the lower scroll is impelled by an electric motor shaft assembly that leave an eccentric or orbiting motion to the driven scroll. These compressor are recently developed and are ideal to replace reciprocating compressors that is widely used in many cooling system applications. These can easily achieve higher efficiency and better part-load performance and operating characteristics.

We are a well-established firm engaged in offering products such as Copeland Emerson Recip Compressor. these compressors are of reed type hermetically sealed. These compressors are manufactured in accordance with industrial quality standards based on the client's furnished specifications. These facilitate ease of installation and maintenance. These are sturdy, durable and resistant to damage. These compressors are supplied to clients in a wide range of specifications at leading market prices.

  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance

Semi Hermetic Compressor
The Semi Hermetic Compressor offered by us has two functions in a vapour compression refrigeration cycle. Firstly, these compressors allow the removal of refrigerant vapour from the evaporator and also minimizes the pressure in the evaporator to point out the desired evaporating temperature. Secondly, these also increases the pressure of the refrigerant vapour to a high level to ensure the higher saturation temperature in comparison to the temperature of the cooling medium that is available for condensing the refrigerant vapour. Semi hermetic compressor was the first compressor manufactured by emerson to operate with an electric motor inside the compressor casing.we also offer semi hermetic condenser of discus type.

The unique Discus valve design provides improved efficiency at operating conditions where most semi-hermetic compressors run. All new Discus compressors are equipped with CoreSense™ technology,Through innovative and proprietary algorithms the compressor is used as a sensor to protect and diagnose the compressor. When adverse conditions exist, CoreSense technology can proactively shut down the compressor to prevent future damage until the condition is no longer present, enabling longer compressor life and sustained product integrity while protecting the refrigeration investment.

Digital Scroll Compressors
To satisfy the diverse needs of our customers, we are indulged in providing the excellent quality Digital Scroll Compressor. This compressor is used in air conditioner for compressing air. The provided compressor is manufactured at vendor end using top grade components and sophisticated technology under the guidance of skilled experts keeping in mind the set market standards. To fulfil the variegated requirements of our customers, we offer this Digital Scroll Compressor in different specifications at market leading prices.

Vapour Injected
The vapour injected scroll compressor makes use of an economizer with the vapour compression cycle. This cycle offers the advantages of more cooling capacity and a better COP than with a conventional cycle. Both the capacity and the COP improvement are proportional to the temperature lift and this technology offers best results at low evaporating temperatures where capacity and efficiency are most needed.

It is usually possible to specify a smaller displacement compressor for a given cooling load. Additionally the cooling provided by the interstage injection allows the compressor to operate over a similar envelope to a conventional liquid injected model, and so the vapour-injected scroll can operate at all the normal low temperature application conditions. The vapour-injected scroll compressor cycle efficiency is higher than that with a conventional single-stage scroll delivering the same capacity because the added capacity from subcooling is achieved with less power.

Liquid Injected
Liquid injection is a means by which a compressor is cooled to allow it to run reliably under difficult high compression ratio conditions normally seen on low temperature applications..as in most compressors, operating the scroll at the high compression ratios associated with low or medium temperature refrigeration conditions can cause exclusively high discharge temperatures.

This can chemically degrade oil and refrigerant and can cause thermally induced mechanical failure. It is possible to provide adequate cooling by injecting liquid refrigerant from the condenser and directly into compressor suction or into the sealed compression space. The ZF*KQ/E models operate with liquid injection in order to control discharge temp