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Condensing Units

Our highly efficient Condensing Unit also known as HVAC units are the best in the market. These Condensing Units are also renowned in the marketplace for their unbeatable reliability, durability, quality as well as physical strength. All of our offered units are the finest example of perfection in the market, they perform without glitch for years. During their service, they require minimal repair and maintenance .Generally we offer Emerson condensing units ..Emerson offers the wide range , most reliable condensing units. Leveraging the latest in compressor tech each platform provides the option to select the refrigerant capacity, and application temp combinations that meet the requirement of clients .these condensing units serve in process cooling, industrial cold chain, bulk milk cooling, clean room, air conditioning so on .

Water Cooled Condensing Unit
Our highly efficient Water Cooled Condensing Units acquire minimal space in the users facility. They are highly efficient and the best in their category in HVAC sector. The robust exteriors of these are highly appreciated in the market. The advanced mechanism of our Water Cooled Condensing Units also make them a leading choice of clients across the industry. The exceptional corrosion, abrasion and impact resistance that these condensing units showcase also contributes immensely to their constantly hiking demand in the market. One can avail these quality accredited condensing units in variety of mechanical as well as dimensional specifications from us.

Scroll Condensing Unit
The unit is fully enclosed high efficiency scroll compressor, built-in security protection, low noise, energy saving and durable .it consists of a moving scroll and a fixed scroll.

Standard Features
  • Base mounted shut-off valves
  • Dual application model with both chiller and freezer application is available.
  1. chiller:2 to 6 hp; R134A / R404A
  2. freezer-2 to 6 hp ;R404A
scroll condensing unit consists of compact unit with co-axial heat exchanger,zb compressor,crankcase heater,hp/lp controls.

Semi Hermetic Condensing Unit
Units are built with semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors. Compressor motor cooling is achieved by circulating water in copper pipes wrapped on compressor body. The semi hermetic water cooled condensing units are designed by making use of highly efficient shell and tube heat exchangers with emersons proven range of high efficiency Copeland semi hermetic compressors. These water cooled units can be adopted as an option to air cooled units in applications where space is constraint.

  • Designed with low fouling tubes to suit Indian water conditions.
  • Safety connections and service sockets provided on shell
  • Easy to open for maintenance and inspection.
  • It comes in the range of 0.7 to 50 hp

The units are engineered to perform under extremely demanding conditions and come equipped with factory installed components that includes hp/lp switches ,oil management systems, and controls to ensure safe operation of your system. These systems are avail in 2,3,4 compressors combinations and come assembled with the choice of compressor tech.these features rack is best in scroll and semi hermetic which have gained acclaim in the industry for their energy efficiency.

  • High efficiency,robustly designed for high reliability.
  • Comprehensive range from 20-300 hp for low, medium and high temp applications.
  • Designed for multi-refrigerants.
  • Local availability

Recip/Scroll/ Semi Hermetic
The stream series is emerson's new line of semi hermetic reciprocating compressors. This brand new line of four and six cylinder compressors are best-in- class performers for today's hfc,natural and low GWP refrigerants.they are specially designed for low and medium temp applications. The range is also available for inverter applications of four and six cylinder digital models for continuous capacity modulation.copeland semi hermetic compressors include the L Series, S series, and 6T two stage series which are widely used in supermarkets, cold rooms and equipment manufacturing areas.

  • Compressor repairability
  • Perfect for large central refrigeration
  • Integrated electronics for advanced protection and diagnostics.

Scroll packs
Emerson currently offers a wide range of refrigeration products from 2-15 hp range. This design provides both axial and radial compliance between scroll members , providing protection against liquid damage increasing compressor life These are powered by Copeland scroll digital ZB compressors that are designed for high medium temp refrigeration applications. While ZF compressor are designed for low temp applications upto -40 c.

  • High seasonal efficiency with vapor injection
  • Low vibration and sound
  • Light and compact rack